RV Solar Power System

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly


Having a  solar power system will limit or completely eliminate the need to run the generator. This means you won't have the generator's exhaust emissions.

Lots of savings!

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly


By having a powerful solar power system you will also avoid the massive generator fuel consumption and maintenance or costly repairs.


Environmentally Friendly



Emergencies and break down can happen in the middle of nowhere, having a solar power system installed on your recreational vehicle will allow you to have access to electricity all the time to charge your battery, your cell phone, run your AC, and more.


Bookdocking/Off-grid Camping



Several RV parks or RV Campgrounds have generator use  prohibited during certain times, specially at night and early morning. This means if your campsite doesn't have electrical hookups you won't be able to use several systems, including microwave, TV, AC and more. But....if you have a solar power system, you will be able to use all the systems without creating noise or breaking any campground rules.

Bookdocking/Off-grid Camping

Bookdocking/Off-grid Camping

Bookdocking/Off-grid Camping


Having a strong solar power system installed on your recreational vehicle, will give you the ability to stay pretty much anywhere without depending on electricity as long as there is sun exposure. 

Start small and upgrade

Bookdocking/Off-grid Camping

Bookdocking/Off-grid Camping


A complete powerful solar system can add up, but the good news is that you can start with a basic system and upgrade as your needs increase.

How it Works

Solar Power System

The beauty of wanting to install a Solar Power system on your recreational vehicle, is that you can start with a basic system and expand from there. 

STARTER (100 Watts solar panel, 1 AGM 125-amp battery):

  • Keep your coach battery charged on all the time that you are away from your RV. This will PRESERVE your battery life since it won't drain to the ground.

  • By having the battery charged after a long period of storing or not using your RV, is that you will have immediate access to lights, water pump, start the refrigerator on propane mode, use the water heater, stove and  a 12V TV, extend your slide out or pop-outs and also extract or retract your awning, and if you have a travel trailer or fifth wheel you will also be able to operate the electric jack without having to be plugged in.

  • Depending on sun exposure as well as how many batteries you have, you will also be able to use the recreational vehicle at locations or areas where you won't have access to electricity without having to use a generator. 

  • This system will NOT allow you to use the AC, microwave and any other 110V system.

BASIC (Two 100 Watt solar panels, 1 AGM 125-amp battery, 3,000 Watts Pure sine inverter, charge controller):

  • Besides all the benefits included in the Starter package, you will also increase the battery recharging time because you will have two solar panels.

  • The 3,000 Watts pure sine inverter will allow you to use the microwave, all 110V outlets, TV that works with electricity only (not 12V), and the AC for a limited amount of time.

ADVANCED (Four 100 Watts solar panels, 2 AGM 125-amp batteries, 4,000 Watts pure sine inverter, 40 mppt Charge controller):

  • Combined benefits  within the Starter and Basic packages.

  • This system will be significantly more powerful as you will have 4X  the charging capacity. 

  • Double the already large  storage capacity  -batteries- for all the energy collected from the solar panels.

  • The 4,000 Watts pure sine inverter will allow you to use the AC as well as the microwave or other electronics at the same time. If large electricity draw is desired you could get a 5,000 Watts pure sine for best performance.

  • Ideal for camping at the desert and remote areas.


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